Boost team performance

Beyond individual competencies, your company’s success relies on team performance. This occurs when leaders and managers foster a culture of trust and build honest relationships within their teams. 

When an organization is undergoing a transformation or some turbulence in its markets this is even more crucial. Hence, a team coaching program will benefit your teams as well as their internal and external stakeholders.

Take up any challenge

I advise and coach teams in large organizations as well as SMEs/SMIs for instance in the following cases:
-   Need to realign team members' behaviours, practices, and priorities to improve overall performance.
-   Supporting a change in corporate governance (Board of Directors, Supervisory Board, new shareholders)
-   Succession planning and family council advisory for a family business 
-   Major changes in management teams (CEO, COO, Executive team, Business Unit, or strategic project teams).
-   Turbulences or crisis situations at various levels of the organization
-   Fostering commitment of leaders and operational teams around a strategic project.

Working together   

After an initial phase of immersion and observation, completed with team evaluations, we will co-design a tailored team coaching program. We will adapt methodologies to the size, structure, and challenges of your team, taking into account relationship patterns and working approaches.

As communication is a core component, both within the team and with its networks, we will also work on those aspects through experimentation and role-play. The aim is that each team member has the possibility to deploy his or her own talents while contributing at the same time to a positive and efficient team dynamic. 

An individual coaching plan may be added if some members face specific issues during our shared program.

Your experience

  • Tailored coaching program aligned with team priorities and challenges.
  • Understanding of group dynamics and power.
  • Acceleration in behavioral change and improved accountability.
  • Positive impact on cooperation and communication with team stakeholders.