Embracing change 

Change will happen whether you like it or not. It gives opportunities to revisit the way things have always been done. New buying behaviours from consumers as well as the rise of the digital native generation in the workforce, for instance, trigger major business transformations today.
Mergers and acquisitions also lead to reassessing culture and working methods. The newly formed entity will need to integrate existing teams, align behaviours and draw on best practices and synergies to enjoy a sustainable performance.

Engaging all your stakeholders

Coaching organizations requires working on the human dynamics that can either slow down or accelerate your transformation. In the process, you will:
-     Better understand the resistances and the drivers from within.
-     Identify and engage your change catalysts and create a movement.
-     Harness the collective intelligence of your whole organization.
-     Involve your closest partners (sales network, suppliers) at each step.

From vision to action

I work with leaders and their teams, from vision to action, as we co-design and implement a comprehensive transformation program that supports their strategies.
I tap into a wealth of theoretical knowledge, hands-on operational expertise, and the regular practice of new collaborative and positive approaches. My training in organizational behaviour and psychodynamics enables me to understand and work on the underlying patterns and resistances. 

You will also benefit from my experience in M&A, corporate reengineering, business modelling, and various integration programs as well as a rich personal life journey.

Your benefits

  • Structured, systemic and holistic approach to change management.
  • Acceleration and sustainability of the transformation process.
  • Fostering true engagement through collective intelligence.
  • Positive pollinisation within your organisation and with your partners.