Unleash Your Potential

You may be in transition between two positions or simply willing to do some self-actualization before your next professional challenge. In any case, executive coaching will help you for instance in:
-     Revisiting your self-beliefs, your competencies, and your leadership style.
-     Opening up to new opportunities for personal growth and better alignment with your values.
-     Improving your communication and enriching your relationship with others.
-     Revealing your emotional intelligence and your understanding of trust and confidence in the workplace.
-     Boosting your performance as a leader, manager, or team member.

Your Guided Journey

Our first meeting will enable us to review your current situation and discuss your motivation, your expectations, your coaching objectives, and the priorities on your agenda. 

If requested, we may use various evaluation methods to identify the main areas to work on (personality test, 360° survey, team role preferences, leadership style…). I may also get in touch with your corporate HR team or your N+1/N-1 to learn more about your working environment.
Together we will craft a unique roadmap that will describe our shared journey in terms of objectives, milestones, format, locations, and timing. The coaching contract can be established with you directly or with your company.

Your benefits

  • Co-design of a fully tailored individual coaching plan.
  • Pace and content aligned with your priorities and agenda.
  • Discovering new leadership styles and approaches.
  • Optimal management of transitions (new position, succession...)