Convincing and engaging your audience

Some company events require you to speak in public or to lead groups larger than your close team. Over and above the "show" aspect, which you will no doubt entrust to your communications department or an events agency, it is above all a question of clarifying your message, aligning it with your objectives and structuring your speech. And, of course, getting the message across to your audience.

The best performers will tell you that the success of an event lies in the preparation of the speakers. Event coaching as I practise it is not limited to media-training techniques or stress management. I work with you in the run-up to the event to ensure that your message is clear, relevant and consistent in both form and content. 

Mastering content and form

Whether you're alone on stage as a keynote speaker, on a discussion panel or in any other public speaking group, I offer you individual and team coaching, from the design of the speech to the live performance on the big day, including group readings, on-site rehearsals and personalised cards.

In collaboration with the logistical and scenographic service providers, I will draw up a framework of content, aligned with the media projected onto the stage, orchestrated into an effective "conductor" that leaves room for interaction with your audience. If you need to define a strong identity for your event, or a thematic thread, I'll be happy to make suggestions to your communications department or agency.

Your benefits

  • A speech that is structured, rhythmic, relevant and of interest to your audience.
  • Quality preparation for an eloquent live performance.
  • Consistency and alignment of messages between the various speakers.
  • An event that will be remembered as a unique human experience.